Ralph’s Market Rewards

Each year Ralph’s Market has been extremely generous and donates a percentage of our parents’ purchases back to our school.  This is FREE money for us so please sign up!!!!  Go to www.Ralphs.com and sign up for a Rewards account.  Once you are signed up (or if you already have one) you can then select Community – a pick Eastbluff PTA as your community contribution recipient.  Every purchase you make gives back to our school.  Any Kroger marked is part of this program, please ask your neighbors and family members to sign up to.  Two years ago we had 91 people sign up, last year 130! – How many will sign up this year?!  This brought in over $8,000 to our school.

Even if you have done this in the past, Please check your status on your Rewards card to make sure that Eastbluff PTA is the recipient.  The program is renewed every year on September 1st.

Thank you so much for taking the time to join this important program for our school.