Talent Show

Join us at Eastbluff’s 2018-2019 Talent Show this Friday November 9th, at 6 pm!

Talent Show Image

Tickets are selling fast, Buy Now!

Volunteers needed for a successful event! Sign up here for a chance to help with the bake sale, back stage, or manning the spotlight!

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to Jennifer Loureiro and  Jamie Mehdi-Tash by e-mail at:

Jennifer Loureiro- theloureiros@gmail.com
Jamie Mehdi-Tash- Jamie@tashbrands.com


Date Event Place Time
Mon., Oct. 1st All Entry Forms Due Online By 9:00am
Wed., Oct. 3rd AUDITIONS MPR 2-5:30pm
Wed., Oct. 10th EMCEE Auditions MPR 2-4pm
Wed., Oct. 10th Audition Results MPR 1:40 (posted)
Wed., Oct. 17th Rehearsal #1 MPR 2-5:30pm
Wed., Oct. 24th Rehearsal #2 MPR 2-5:30pm
Mon., Nov. 5th DJ Rehearsal MPR 2-5:00pm
Thur., Nov. 8th Dress Rehearsal MPR 2-5:00pm
Thur., Nov. 8th “Cast” Party MPR 5-6:00pm
Fri., Nov. 9th “Cast” Call Time Back of MPR 5:00 pm
Fri., Nov. 9th SHOWTIME MPR 6:00 pm Sharp!

*times are approximate and can run over. Please plan accordingly, especially on rehearsal days with smaller children. Be prepared so that your children can enjoy the experience.

***To download this information in a PDF format, click the following link: 2018/2019 TALENT SHOW INFO